Chibimoon And Helios In Defense Of SuperS  

Sailor Moon is generally considered one of the most popular, well-produced shoujo anime series of all time. So how did its fourth chapter, SuperS, end up the subject of widespread derision? Where did it go wrong? Or did it go wrong at all? Perhaps it's not that all things SuperS are terrible. Perhaps it's just that all things SuperS are different. In some ways those differences are for the worse, but in other ways they are overwhelmingly towards the positive. This is especially the case in the SuperS manga and SuperS musicals, which have received a negative reputation by association with the controversial anime. It's time fans squashed their prejudices and gave SuperS a fresh look.

Important Note: This site is only being updated on an as-needed basis. I still love SuperS and Sailor Moon in general, but I don't want this site to constantly rehash the same issues over and over again. Until someone has something new and worthwhile to say, I do not intend to develop the site any further.